Studio Classes

Studio Classes

Why practice yoga?

Practiced individually or in a group, the practice of yoga can implement numerous health benefits to your lifestyle and personal wellness.   Yoga is a lifelong journey that allows you to discover acceptance, compassion, and a greater understanding towards others and yourself. Yoga can be adapted and modified to accommodate all individuals, regardless of age and skill level – Everyone can practice yoga!

Yoga has the power to..

  • Increase strength and stabilizing functions of your muscles to provide optimal support of your bones and structure
  • Improve your movement abilities, including mobility and flexibility, and reduce joint pain
  • Improve posture and develop efficient movement patterns, which helps to reduce general ache and pains in the body
  • Helps to manage or aid recovery of present or past injuries and can provide relief of chronic discomfort
  • Enhance mood states; Promote feelings of confidence and inspiration, while reducing anxiety and self-doubt
  • Teach you how to bring calm into the body and mind, and to be more present in the current moment
  • Increase relaxation and peace of mind, which improves our overall capacity for healing
  • And so much more!

The practice of Yoga and Mindfulness provides you the opportunity to deepen your connection to yourself and increase body awareness.  This allows you to move forward in life with a greater understanding of who you are and where you are going.

Our Classes

Aligned Yoga

Aligned Yoga is a class designed to re-align your physical posture and to enhance flow of subtle energies throughout all levels of your being. Core and Glute support is essential for proper posture and optimal function of movement. As the deep core and major muscle groups become stronger and more stable, general aches and pains (such as low back pain) tend to decrease or disappear completely. Learn HOW to activate your core, create stability in joints rather than over-stretching, and develop the habits necessary to “re-learn” how to stand evenly on two feet!

All Levels Flow

Create freedom and mobility in the major joints (shoulders, hips and spine), and develop overall strength and tone in the body to support better posture and ease of movement. This is a multi-level class for all students, the instructor will offer modifications and variations to align with your level of experience and comfort.

Beginner Yoga

A class for everyone – Learn basic alignment of foundational yoga poses and experience the profound benefits of breath awareness.  Beginner Yoga classes are a perfect balance of warm-up and cool-down, complete with a blissful final relaxation.

Candlelight Yin Yoga

Be guided through a class of passive stretching and deep breathing – Bliss out in a room surrounded with soothing candlelight, use supportive yoga props to promote relaxation and ease.  Leave feeling centered and clear. 

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is an accessible Yoga practice for everyone, especially seniors. All poses are seated or standing using the support of the chair. Enjoy Mudra meditation, joint mobility exercises, gentle toning and easeful breathing.

Gentle Flow

Gentle Flow is a smooth, fluid sequence designed to bring a sense of divine balance. Move through hip and heart opening poses, with a light touch of vinyasa. Perfect for both beginners and experienced yogis.

Gentle Yoga

Enhance joint mobility and soothe the nervous system in this Gentle Yoga class with a therapeutic approach.  All poses are seated or supine, excellent for anyone who would like to release tension and chronic discomfort, to make room for ease and peace of mind.

Lunchtime Flow

Explore the benefits of breath awareness and body movement in this 45-minute lunchtime flow! This is an excellent midday refresh class that will help you to reset & rejuvenate for the rest of your day! Suitable for all levels.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga focuses on effortlessness and surrender – Let go of what no longer serves your being.  Allow for nervous system rejuvenation and full body relaxation.

Wheel Yoga

Join a fun and inspiring class using Yoga Wheels. Practice heart opening backbends, deep stretches, develop core strength and control, and explore playful balance poses. Your wheel will be provided for class or you may BYOW. First timers welcome.

Yoga For Handstands

Develop required skills and alignment necessary to be able to hold a Handstand.  Move through an energizing flow class designed to wake up your body in all the right ways to prepare for Handstand.  Practice using a wall or with the assistance of the instructor.  You do not need to know HOW to Handstand, just be willing to get upside down!

Yoga for The Core

Core and Glute support is essential for proper posture and optimal function of movement. As the deep core and major muscle groups become stronger and more stable, general aches and pains (such as low back pain) tend to decrease or disappear completely. Learn HOW to activate your core and apply this stability to daily life and movement in this fun and inspiring class.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a practiced art of conscious relaxation and awareness. During this guided meditation journey, the Subconscious and Unconscious dimensions of the mind open which allows powerful healing to take place. When in this deeply relaxed state, impressions can be planted in the mind intended to eliminate negativity on the deepest levels of our beings and give our lives positive direction. Yoga Nidra promotes Rejuvenation and Acceptance, and leaves you feeling whole and Complete.