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Our Instructors offer a modern, evolved style of yoga that emphasizes awareness of breath and functional movement to help create ease in all aspects of daily life.The core intention of our classes is to develop mindfulness and moment-to-moment awareness, improve joint mobility, strengthen the appropriate areas of the body to support proper posture, and to embody efficient movement patterns that support our health and well-being, on and off the mat.  

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Health and safety of all practitioners and teachers is our priority.  We intend to operate in the safest manner possible, and are committed to providing you with an environment where you can feel safe and at ease.

We understand the seriousness of the worldwide health pandemic and are prepared to increase our preventative measures at any time we feel it is necessary.  Simultaneously, we value the benefits of physical movement and peace of mind that yoga creates for us during times of stress.  

Honour your personal needs, we are here to support you.

studio covid-19 safety protocols

Updated September 1, 2021
Our COVID-19 preventative measures include but are not limited to:

  • We all know the profound effectiveness that mask wearing accomplishes to prevent the spread of illness. For your own health and others, it is advised to wear a mask whenever you are in a public space or with others outside of your direct family circle. At our studio, all participants are required to wear masks to enter the studio (no exceptions). Your mask must be a well-fitted 2 ply cloth or medical mask that fully covers your nose, mouth and chin. You may wear your favourite, comfortable mask for class OR choose remove your mask at your mat space once class begins. Instructors wear masks at all times.
  • As a community we need to use all public health tools available to protect ourselves and others during the pandemic. In addition to all of our staff being fully vaccinated, All participants must show proof of full vaccination to attend studio classes. Please bring your COVID-19 Immunization Card or present your QR code along with your ID on each visit to the studio.
  • We recommend all practitioners to download the official Covid Alert app to their smartphones.
  • Book your class in advance. Registration and free cancellation up to 2 hours before class begins. We are not accepting walk-ins at this time. Arrive to the studio 5-15min before class start time.
  • Our class capacity has been significantly reduced. In our large, spacious studio room we allow up to eight participants in regular yoga class, up to six participants in chair yoga, and up to six participants in aerial yoga. All mat spaces are generously distanced apart, identified by tape markings on the floor.
  • Hand Sanitizer is available at the front entrance, inside the studio room and in our washrooms. Our Instructors carefully disinfect all shared items and common touch areas (such as doorknobs and handrails) before and after class. We provide fresh towels to use as a barrier between your body and some props, such as bolsters, to help maintain cleanliness. Yoga participants are asked to not put away any props after class. Practitioners are welcome bring their own props for class – we also have most common yoga items available for purchase at the studio.
  • We have a state of the art hot and cold airflow device to purify and monitor air quality in the studio room. When the weather is pleasant, the windows are opened to allow a fresh breeze.
  • We have two doors to our studio room, one Entrance Only and one Exit Only, to allow more space and ease when moving in and out of the studio.
  • We do not currently offer Mat rentals, please bring your own yoga mat!

If you have covid-19, are awaiting test results for covid-19, have or potentially have been exposed to covid-19, have recently travelled internationally or out of province, or are showing signs of illness including sore throat, cough, runny nose or fever, please do not attend studio classes.

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