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Yoga Teacher Training



An invitation to all aspiring yogis to deepen their practice, to be inspired and to learn to share the gift of Yoga through teaching and mindfulness. Develop a balanced personal practice as an inspired practitioner or learn to design and theme classes as an aspiring teacher. This foundational course will provide you an in-depth study of everything you need to know about Teaching Yoga safely and effectively.

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification approved by Yoga Alliance
  • Correspond directly with our team of instructors, similar to a mentorship program.
  • Daily communication in a private WhatsApp group, Weekly emails, and more.
  • What’s Included: Welcome Bag, Two Training Manuals plus additional learning hand-outs, Prop Kit (mat yoga bag, block, strap)


We will cover the following topics and more..

  • Anatomy of Asana and Benefits of Daily Movement
  • Experience the power of Breath, How to Optimize Breathing
  • Meditation, Mudra & Mindfulness
  • The Subtle Body including the Nadis, Prana Vayus, the Five Koshas, etc
  • Yoga Philosophy including Pantanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga, The Chakra System, The Five Elements, etc
  • History of Traditional Yoga and the Evolution of Modern Yoga
  • The Art of Cueing, Sequencing, and Guiding Yoga Classes
  • How to Use Props and Offer Modifications of Poses
  • Explore the Science of Ayurveda and Yoga Lifestyle”

Stay positive and use your downtime wisely. Tell us what’s on your mind, if you have any questions
or require assistance, speak with us!

Meet Your Instructors

Meet Our Guest Teachers


Cath is a French yoga teacher and tech advisor in the financial industry. She has been practicing gymnastics, pilates and yoga almost her entire life. She now lives between Paris and Mallorca where she teaches private yoga and small group classes. Through her practice of numerous sports, she became fascinated by body mechanics and has been teaching yoga for the past 2 years. She believes that “In order to change the world, we first have to change ourselves.”

Cath’s training includes 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Rachel Brathen on the “Happy Island” of Aruba. In 2019, she also graduated as a LYT Certified Teacher, a Yoga technique created and developed by Lara Heimann, PT, in Princeton NJ.

“The human body is the most fascinating technology, if you take the time to explore its capabilities, it can bring a new dimension to your life.” Cath


Elle was introduced to yoga in 2012, when she lived and worked as a primary school teacher in Costa Rica. Her passion for yoga continued to evolve while living and teaching in Chiang Mai, now Hong Kong. Over the years, this connection of alignment and soul has had a profound impact on Elle’s physical development, mental health and confidence. Her vibrant energy is expressed into her yoga classes through the power of breath, connection between the body and mind, and transformative movement.

In 2019, Elle completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Return to the Source Yoga Satsang in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She has also studied Vinyasa in Bali, Kundalini Meditation in India, as well as various other trainings focused on hatha yoga, alignment, sequencing, and philosophy. Aside from yoga, Elle holds two Master’s Degrees, one in International Education and the other in Knowledge of Linguistic Studies.

Commonly Asked Questions

Remember, there is no obligation to teach yoga after completing our course! This training is also for yogis who seek to enhance their own personal practice, and want to develop a strong understanding of foundational asana and yoga lifestyle concepts. Basic yoga experience is recommended but not required to attend training.

If you plan on teaching yoga, this is your chance to become a Certified Yoga Teacher! It’s important to attend formal education in any yoga or wellness related fields if you wish to offer these services to the public. After completing a registered yoga training, you will be open to more abundant teaching opportunities, be eligible for advanced designations and have adequate prerequisites to attend certain continuing education programs in the future.

This is a great opportunity to hone your skills and integrate a new approach to your own current styles of teaching if you are already a yoga teacher! Each educator will share new insights and perspectives. There is always more to learn, and we will never know everything.